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Best Features

Cardano Beam is a protocol that rewards users for their physical presence at the right place at the rigt time


Anyone can place an Asset (ADA, Token or NFT) on the World Map using the CardanoBeam Web App and a Cardano Web Wallet


Assets are collected using the CardanoBeam Mobile App with an Integrated Wallet

Live Tracking

Activate Live Tracking in the CardanoBeam Mobile App and let others see where you are, live, in our Web App

Organize Events

Register participants with their Public Key, Track Progress and Payout prizes during, or at the end the event

Advertize your Business

Place NFTs and Tokens next to your Cafe, Store, or Market, and gain new Customers

Low Cost

Flat Fee of 1 ADA for Placing Assets + blockchain transaction fees. Picking up Assets with the Mobile DApp is free.


The Timeline

We will deliver the Base-Layer in 2022 and the Add-Ons for the use cases in 2023. The Base-Layer will allow to place and redeem Assets from anywhere on the World Map.

Q2 2022

Funding received from Project Catalyst. Prototype developed. Web DApp Wallet Connector released as open-source

Q3 2022

Launch Web DApp, Mobile App and Smart Contracts. Incentivized TestNet

Q4 2022

MainNet Launch & Organize an Event to testdrive the Platform

Q1 2023 +

Build Add-ons for other use cases (Government, Advertising, Gaming)


Meet our Team

We have the experience to deliver a high quality product from design to production.


Dmitry Shibaev



Elcio Chiquinato

Creative Director


Vlad Mikirtumov

Community & Business Development


Jerah Cameron



Feedback from the Community

A project is as successful as what the community thinks of it. We received 5* ratings in our first funding round and great feedback from the community.

“There needs to be a 6 star option, specifically made for this project ... If this exists anywhere in the crypto space (if so, I've never heard of it), I would defend this project as the superior creative minds in how they intend to implement this Dapp”

“GPS trackable NFTs and tokens that can be placed and picked up in the physical world by end users of an app on their local devices. This simple relationship sparks the imagination with use cases. Geocaching, voter participation, key event tracking of vehicles or packages in transit, location based gaming...the list goes on”

“This would generate a very valuable Dapp that would add to our Cardano blockchain a new type of use for NFTs, which is not found so far in any other blockchain... this would certainly increase the number of transactions in Cardano”

“... compelling market research that indicates wallet/ADA adoption that could be in the millions globally, and even more adoption if the impact spreads out to the wider Cardano ecosystem of native assets and tokens.”

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